Sayuilta is a magical place! It has been our second home for many years and yet we are constantly finding new love for it. Here are 9 things we LOVE about Sayulita…


1. The Sound of the Ocean.

We love to lay in bed, listening to the waves. Sometimes subtle and soft, sometimes powerful and fierce, the sound of the ocean stills our minds and takes away needless worry. A rooftop massage while listening to the ocean is pure luxury. Israel Kamakawiwoʻole says it perfectly… “The sound of the ocean, soothes my restless soul. The sound of the ocean rocks me all night long.”


2. The Community and the People.

Sayulita is a diverse town. People visit from all over the world. Some have made it their home. Others have been here for generations. While there has been much change in the last 20 years, Sayulita is still a small, family-style town, with about 4,000 full-time residents. The town was originally founded by five Mexican families. These families still maintain the largest presence in town. Traditional and contemporary cultures thrive as well as many community enhancing programs which we delight in supporting. It is truly a “living” community, with a focus on family, fun, less stress, and coming together. We couldn’t ask for more!


3. The Arts and Crafts.

We love art. We are passionate about art. We fill our environments with art pieces that inspire us and with the works of our friends. Sayulita is overflowing with talent, creation and color. From the street markets to the galleries to the studios, you never know what you might find. We love to visit our favorite spots, check in with our favorite artists, and discover new treasures. It’s always an adventure.


4. The Climate.

Sayulita averages 345 days of sunshine and 60 inches of rain per year. Located at the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, its sub-tropical climate is often compared to Hawaii’s. We love soaking up the sun and watching people get away from the gloom of colder climates. There are two seasons, winter and summer. Winter (November to May) is sunny, dry and fairly warm with cooler evenings. Temperatures average 80°F. Summer (June to October) is warmer and semi-humid. Temperatures are in the 90’s°F. It often rains, usually at night. We take great pleasure enjoying our lush tropical gardens as they explode with life and color. We get fireflies on our garden pathway to town at night and we delight in viewing the lightning storms out at sea in the evening. We have been in Sayulita every month of the year and have enjoyed each one. They all have something special to offer but summer is still our most favorite.


5. Mercado del Pueblo.

On Fridays, we love to walk to the Farmer’s Market, via a beautifully paved landscaped walkway, pick up some extra delicious treats, talk to the farmers, find something local and fresh for dinner and stop to listen to the live music. Each week is different. Sayulita’s nonprofit, community Farmer’s Market, is open Fridays, 10am-2pm, November through April.


6. Walking.

From Dreamer Circle, we can walk anywhere. We walk to the market. We walk to shops. We walk to dinner. We walk to the jungle. And, of course, we walk to the beach. An early morning walk along the 2-mile beach in front of Sayulita, sand between or toes, sets the tone for the day. We watch the birds, the surfers, and get a glimpse of what the fisherman are catching. It is so relaxing to “forget how to drive.”


7. The Food.

With a common theme of fresh and local, there are over 100 food options in Sayulita. There literally is something for everyone. Here’s a few places we love…

  • Tierra Viva – Just down the hill from Dreamer Circle, this restaurant has become our most frequented dining spot. Breakfast, yummy. Dinner, great salads and daily specials. We love this place.
  • Burrito Revolution – Super good burritos!
  • Don Pedros – Great beach location close to Dreamer Circle.
  • La Rustica – Great variety of fresh fish. Delicious food plus the best pizzas in town.
  • Orangy Smoothies – Friendly, fun, fresh juice bar full of local color.
  • The Real Fish Taco – Delicious, fresh tacos!
  • Sayulita Café – A favorite spot. Authentic Mexican dinners.
  • And, of course, our own kitchen! There is so much delicious, fresh food available, just waiting to be prepared.


8. The View.

We love to sit and watch the surfers riding the waves, just below Dreamer Circle. This photo was taken from Dreamer Circle using a 250mm telephoto lens. We love to sit in the morning or after a long day, taking in the sparkling, turquoise expanse of the scene in front of us. There are few things as humbling, and as enlivening, as the ocean and it’s treasures.


9. Sunsets!

From any Dreamer Circle rooftop terrace, sunsets are stunning. Each night is unique, a new experience. We love to take in the expanse, with friends, admiring the rose tint washed over the mountains and town, or the dramatic strokes of cloud and color painted across the sky, or the long rippling reflection of our sun as it recedes toward the horizon.
“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Most of all, we love to share the magic of Sayulita! Visit our website to learn more about Sayulita, Dreamer Circle, and us, Dennis and Joan Duff. See you on the beach!